Column-Store Technologies

Lecturer: Dr. Peter Boncz (CWI, Amsterdam).

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About the lecturer: Peter Boncz is a tenured researcher in the database architecture research group (INS1) of CWI since 2002. He obtained a his Ph.D. degree at the University of Amsterdam in 2002. His PhD work on architecture-conscious query processing for analytical applications resulted in the open-source MonetDB database system and received the VLDB 10-year Best Paper Award in 2009. He has co-founded two spin-off companies; the most recent, VectorWise, a spin-off created around the CWI-developed MonetDB successor system X100, very much related to the material presented in this course.

Course summary: Column stores have a long history yet are the hottest trend in the management of large amounts of data for analysis purposes. In this tutorial I will show how the surge of interest and new developments in columnar storage technologies is motivated by continuing trends in computer architecture. The first part (day), specifically, will not be exclusively about column stores, but about how developments in computer architecture in general have influenced modern data management techniques. In the second day of the course I will provide a comprehensive overview of modern column store technologies, whereas in the third day the focus will be on advanced topics, such as efficient updating columnar stored data, and adaptive indexing.