2017/2018 Edition

Open lectures for PhD students in computer science, organized at the University of Warsaw, is a project which aims at broadening the choice of courses by invited courses given by top researchers both from other parts of Poland and from abroad. See here for more information about the project, and here for the list of past courses. The courses planned in this semmester are listed below.

Schedule of the Spring 2017/18 Semester

  1. March 15-17, 2018: Marcin Jurdziński: Algorithms for solving parity games
  2. April 18-21, 2018: Carsten Lutz: Ontology Engineering and Ontological Data Access
  3. May 10-12, 2018: Daniel Kráľ: Combinatorial limits
  4. May 24-26, 2018: Atri Rudra: (Dense Structured) Matrix Vector Multiplication
  5. June 28-30, 2018: Łukasz Kaiser: Deep Learning — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly