2017/2018 Edition

About the project

Open lectures for PhD students in computer science, organized at the University of Warsaw, is a project which aims at broadening the choice of courses by invited courses given by top researchers both from other parts of Poland and from abroad.

We hope that this will result in the appearance of new research areas in the University of Warsaw, in broadeninig the perspectives of our students, and also - for some participants - scientific collaboration between them and lecturers.

Paricipants of the courses are both from the University of Warsaw and from other Polish universities.

Each semester we aim to invite three lecturers. A semester is usually divided into three sessions, each session takes two or three days. To get a credit for a course students have to take a kind of exam - usually it consists in solving problem(s) from a list given by the lecturer.

The list of our past speakers can be found here. Information about the organizers can be found here.